Dr. Suzanne Humphries reveals the stunning fraud of the CDC and vaccine propagandists

In a new interview with Mike Adams on CounterThink, Dr. Suzanne Humphries tells-all, revealing the corrupt vaccine industry’s dirtiest secrets and more. Humphries, a medical doctor and author of Dissolving Illusions: Diseases, Vaccines and the Forgotten History, was a highly regarded nephrologist — before she switched gears and set out to expose vaccines (and the CDC) for the sham they are.

Dr. Humphries says that Dr. Sherry Tenpenny “cracked the visage in front of me,” after Tenpenny showed her that vaccines were the “backbone of the whole pharmaceutical industry.”

“They keep people sick and that’s what’s so profitable,” Tenpenny reportedly told her. Humphries says that when the administration of a hospital she worked at told her that the adverse events she was witnessing with her own eyes weren’t real, she was driven to look deeper into the matters of vaccines on her own.

Vaccines are just “witch’s brew”

Those adverse events, Humphries says, included patients who suddenly developed kidney failure within 24 hours of being vaccinated. Hospital administrators told her that kind of thing simply didn’t happen, prompting her to look into what was actually in a vaccine.

The doctor says that she believes inflammation caused by immunizations is the source of these kinds of kidney problems, noting that the kidneys are quite sensitive organs.

Adams posits that vaccine-related inflammation is by design, pointing to adjuvants — ingredients added to vaccines to ‘stoke’ the immune system — as a key contributor to inflammation’s onset. Aluminum adjuvants are behind a number of ill effects.

Humphries notes that even vaccines with no aluminum, like the flu shot, can pose a serious risk. The flu shot, she notes, contains mercury — a toxic heavy metal which can also cause inflammation. She says that really any organ can be a target of inflammation.

Adams notes that heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and other problems have all been linked to inflammation.

“What we have to understand here,” said Humphries, “is that the inflammation happens throughout the body but some organs are more sensitive than others.”

The brain and kidneys are notably sensitive when compared to an organ like the heart. Humphries says that vaccines are “clumsy substances” that are more of a “witch’s brew” than a science-based medicine.

“Immune system psychosis” is Humphries’ term for what happens after this “witch’s brew” is injected into the human body. The body’s inflammatory response isn’t the only thing going haywire during the post-vaccination aftermath, she says — there are other reactions going on that “can’t even be measured.”

“The end result is that there’s something happening there that shouldn’t be happening,” Humphries contended.

Science fraud and the CDC

Dr. Humphries says you can either be “progressive” or “regressive,” and that the CDC is regressive. She says that while CDC is coming along with all this “help,” that just so happens to correlate with a major regression across the population, especially regarding health.

As Humphries and Adams note, the CDC is great at trying to sell people on vaccines — while obscuring the actual data on their safety and efficacy. Not long ago, the agency came under fire for literally destroying evidence linking vaccines to autism.

Of course, the CDC also reportedly owns 56 vaccines, which Adams notes is a “grave conflict of interest.” But beyond the CDC’s refusal to acknowledge good science and stop hiding the truth, there are still darker forces at play.

“Ridiculous aggression” in the marketplace, Humphries adds, is another major issue. Mandates to force vaccines on the public are highly concerning — especially when the regressive nature of governing bodies is taken into account. Big Pharma is on the road to “complete domination,” with zero opposition from the government.

Watch the full video to learn more about Dr. Suzanne Humphries and her research, and don’t forget to stay up-to-date with all things vaccine at Vaccines.news.

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